• Quarry work

    Taking advantage of its proximity to a major European carry deposits, the DUFOUR group has a competence center dedicated to this specific industry.

  • Our services for industries

    Thanks to the impressive strength of its civil engineering machinery and to the synergy between its various companies, the DUFOUR Group offers its clients a complete and integrated management of their excavation and demolition sites as well as decontamination and soil remediation.

  • Construction industry

    Privileged partner of construction companies for many years, the DUFOUR Group reinforces its strategy every year by enlarging its fields of intervention and its means of action.

  • Our services for private individuals

    DUFOUR group has its own concrete plants and ensures the delivery for companies as well as private individuals.

The Dufour Group

Created in the early 1900’s, the Dufour Group is a family-owned company which has now more than 600 employees. Our company embraced a policy of sustainable investment in order to expand its activities and to achieve full organizational...

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In-house training for our staff

In-house training for our staff

The human factor and the family feeling mean a lot to the Dufour Group. Our QHSE (Quality, Health, Safety and Environment) department therefore looks after our staff members’ safety by ensuring their appropriate safety training as well...

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A continuous concern for safety

A continuous concern for safety

By carrying out many safety actions like training its staff members as well as adapting its equipment (personal and collective protective equipments, technical and ergonomic adaptations, optimized storage methods, secure loads and ...

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Self management and flexibility

Self management and flexibility

In order to ensure greater responsiveness to the technical needs, the Dufour Group has versatile in-house maintenance services.

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Our field of action

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    TOURNAI maps
    Rue Terre à Briques, 18
    7522 Marquain (Belgique)
    Tél: +32(0)69 89 10 10
    Fax: +32(0)69 22 92 51
  • Image
    DUNKERQUE maps
    Route de Bourbourg
    59380 Spycker (France)
    Tél: +33(0)3 28 25 36 22
    Fax: +33(0)3 28 60 37 97
  • Image
    Bld de la Liberté, 130
    59800 Lille (France)
    Tél: +33(0)3 20 50 09 40
    Fax: +33(0)3 20 50 09 70
  • Image
    Rue Gay Lussac, 15
    77290 Mitry-Mory (France)
    Tél: +33(0)1 60 21 10 00
    Fax: +33(0)1 60 21 10 77
  • Image
    COMINES maps
    Route des Ecluses, 30
    7784 Comines-Warneton (Belgique)
    Tél: +32(0)56 33 70 29
    Fax: +32(0)56 34 51 14
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    LENS maps
    Rue Aimé Dubost (ZI)
    62670 MAZINGARBE (France)
    Tél: +33(0)3 21 45 04 28
    Fax: +33(0)3 21 45 04 68
  • Image
    NANTES maps
    Rue Bisson, 6 Bâtiment B - Centre des Salorges
    44100 NANTES (France)
    Tél: +33(0)6 62 09 30 88
    Fax: +33(0)2 72 64 40 99